1 Day left before hubby away again....

Haluuu there!!!!MyEm0.Com
Hope everyone ok n happy always...
Now i'm got little feeling sad coz my hubby away againMyEm0.Com
It's hard to live separate like thisMyEm0.Com
Can't wait for this Disember...coz I will back to Kroh n live happily n lovely with my beloved hubby n daughter...yeay!!!!...MyEm0.Com
Opps....sori....forgot the new entry..
I non stop mumbling...hehehe..MyEm0.Com
Ok, yesterday I, my hubby n anith went out to UPM for my thumb in.
After that we want went to Proton Service Centre but it cancel coz the booking place is full.
So, we went to PUTRA HEIGHTS...Why???
I want survey the Lea Oven Bakery coz next monday I will attend cupcakes class here.
Thanks to abg sebab support untuk duit yuran...luv u...MyEm0.Com
I got the place from my frens blog...Suen
Thanks Suen!!!!...MyEm0.Com
The place is nice...n the owner, Kak Lea nice too....
Can't wait for next monday....hehehehe
Hope 1 get benefit when attend this class
Wish want to make cupcakes myself for anith n my hubby buffday
My target now....want make cupcakes for sell...hope it's true...
So, after went to Lea Oven Bakery we stop at Putra Heights Giant
My hubby treat me "SECRET RECIPE"...Thanks syg!!!!MyEm0.Com
At there, I ate grilled chicken with blackpepper sauce....best sgt!!!
Then, we went to Mines Shopping Fair cause want go to TOMEI to repair my anklet.
After that, otw back home, we stop at Mc Donald Bandar Tun Hussien Onn..makan again!!!..hehehe
Then we went home.
To abg, thanks a lot layan ayang yg suka majuk ni...love u syg..mmuuuaahhhh...
K, see ya...@ the next entry...


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