@ Ipoh City again...

by - 11/09/2009 04:44:00 PM

Hi everybody!!!
Hope all of u getting well always...(^_^)
Actually i'm at Ipoh City now...
Arrived at 3 pm today...
Tomorrow my hubby will take PTK Exam
Hope he will success answer all of the question tomorrow...amin..
Now i'm at Grand View Hotel n my hubby is studying for his exam tomorrow.
My daughter???
She's playing around this room herself..baru dapat kaki katakan..hehehe
Me??? Still worried about my data...hope someone can help me..amin.
Kene keje lebih kuat nampaknye...MyEm0.Com
Hope I can submit my thesis notice during end of this month or early of next month.
I want finishing my master ASAP....huhuhu
Friends....pray for me...plsss....
Ok, see u soon...bye..salam.

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