Workshop again....

by - 11/23/2009 10:14:00 AM

Hi frens....hope all of u always fine...(^_^)
Last weekend so busy coz I have attended workshop again.
But last weekend is not the same workshop as last 2 week workshop.
The workshop called 'PUBLISHING WORKSHOP'.
After 2 days attended this workshop I realize that publishing is important.
So, must work hard to publish journal before my VIVA.
So, I must see my lecturer to discuss about this.
Hope its ok...amin.
Pity to my hubby coz he must take care my daughter during my workshop.
But I know my hubby understand me....kan syg...(^_^)
So, after AIDILADHA I got 1 workshop more...."SPSS WORKSHOP"
But it held at weekdays at Faculty of Educational Studies.
Tuesday I will go back to Kroh then Wednesday we will go back to Kulim for Aidiladha celebration.
K...see ya next entry...bye..

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