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  1. What is is a REWARDS platform for youths. Members of consist of youths (aged 15 – 35) from all over the Southeast Asia region. Membership is FREE & currently open to youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore.

  2. Where do the rewards come from? And why?

    Every year, businesses spend a lot of money on research, advertising, and organizing activities to gain support from youths. Through, youths can support businesses directly in research, advertising and organizing activities. This saves money for the businesses, which are then passed on to youths in form of cash, prizes and enriching experiences.

  3. How do youths get rewarded?

    Youths get rewarded by participating in opportunities such as:

    1. Online Surveys - Businesses who create products and services for youths rely on their opinions, feedback and advice to help them do what’s best for their young consumers. When youths take online surveys they get rewarded for sharing their feedback directly with the businesses. Youths are highly encouraged to be honest with their answers as these answers will be used to shape or modify the products or services which will affect the youths in the end. Have a look!
    2. Online Advertising - What youths tell their friends is the most powerful form of advertising and businesses need this. Through, businesses can get advertising support directly from youths. In return, youths who provide this support get rewarded. Youths can choose to spread cool events, news or promotions and get paid in cash or prizes. Youths can also choose to support social campaigns by sharing with their friends and make a huge difference! Have a look!
    3. Campus - Businesses who want to connect with students in campuses are willing to sponsor their events or even pay students to help them in their promotion campaigns. helps students get sponsors for their events in campus, or provide student ambassador opportunities with the most exciting brands. Have a look!
    4. Community - Youths get the opportunity to meet other youths from across their country! enables youths to ask questions and give answers to one another. Have a look!
  4. What rewards has given out?

    Youths on are rewarded in many attractive ways for their participation. In the past, youths have earned cash, won prizes like laptops, iPods, cameras, concert & cinema tickets, product vouchers, a car and much, much more!

    In November 2009, hundreds of members were flown from all over Southeast Asia to Kuala Lumpur and given free accommodation and passes to engage and be inspired by global change icons like the co-founder of Twitter, Donald Trump, Tony Fernandes and Bob Geldof at the Youth Engagement Summit (YES 2009). See Past Rewards

  5. Why does reward youths?

    We believe that youths are full of ideas, opinions and energy... which can actually make a difference! But most of the time, youths do not do anything about it. Maybe it is the lack of encouragement or the feeling that it will not matter.

    So what can we do? Well, believes that by rewarding more youths, more youths will be encouraged to take actions – actions which can influence or change things.

    Therefore, partners with businesses and leaders to reward youths for their actions.

    After all, we believe, useful actions should be rewarded!

    Our mission is to work with as many reward partners as possible to create rewarding campaigns and experiences for millions of youths in Southeast Asia.

  6. How many youths have joined

    Currently, there are more than 200,000 youths from Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore who have already joined They are actively participating in exciting opportunities created for them by and enjoying the rewards.

  7. How to Join

    You can join in just 1 step.

    Simply click on the “Sign Up Now” button and fill in your regular email address.
    (tip: provide the email that you often use or check so that you will not miss out on any exciting opportunity)

    Within 10 minutes, you should receive an activation link in your email inbox.

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