How I Train Anith in Potty Training??

Hi everyone!!
Wish all of u always fine....^_^
In this post, I want to share with u on how I trained Anith in Potty Training.
Now my daughter almost success in her day trained. Night too...but need more training...hehe.
Ok...for 1st 2 weeks, I trained Anith just wear her with a training pant / CD & always ask her if her wanna pee/poo. For starter, she always accidentally & pee on the floor....hehe. If she wear CD that time...she pee in the CD. In training session, we must strong & not give up. Most important not to make our kid stress in potty training process. Give them naturally potty training process....^_^

Other 2 weeks....I used one more usual...wear her with the training pants and told her if her want to pee / poo & she must told me. Firstly, she accident too....but day to days...she always told me if she wanna pee / poo plus I always ask her...hehe. Before sleep at night, I make sure she must pee she will not pee when sleeping time. At 6 am...I wake up her to pee again....hehe.

I already trained my daughter about 2 months. Today, she just wear training pants & not wear CD at home anymore. She still wear CD when outing because toilet problem. But, if we near the public toilet I brought her to public toilet...^_^.


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