Investing in a Beautiful Bungalow in Malaysia

Investing in a Beautiful Bungalow in Malaysia

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If you’re looking for an exciting investment that could offer both fantastic holiday retreats as well as lucrative returns on investment, then a bungalow in Malaysia may be the ideal opportunity you’ve been seeking. So join us as we explore the benefits of investing in Malaysia property and more particularly — a Bungalow

Why Choose a Bungalow in Malaysia?

Compared to western bungalows, which are freestanding single storey properties, South East Asian bungalows are actually detached properties that have more than one floor. Such homes are perfect for investing, as they can be rented out to families, couples or individuals as temporary homes. Additionally, these properties can also be leased out to vacationers on a daily rate, which can net you even more profit if you are able to find a lot of tenants.

Furthermore, when your bungalow is not being leased, you can take advantage of your own private property in an exotic land to vacation in Malaysia yourself. This way, you not only reap the returns of your investment, but also get to enjoy some of the beautiful sights, sounds and experiences that only Malaysia can offer.

2016 is a Year for Investing

According to analysts at Property Malaysia Investment, 2016 is an excellent year for buyers, since the market has slowed down since the previous year. However, as with most property trends around the world, it is set to pick up again within a year or two – after which investments will yield great returns. Additionally, much of the recent price fluctuations have been in response the China’s economic slowdown, which is also set to rebound soon, which should boost the property market once more and grow the values of properties within Malaysia.

Investment Hotspots in Malaysia

When investing in Malaysia, it’s important that you understand which areas are ideal. You can’t necessarily expect to enjoy amazing returns on your investment if you purchase a property in the middle of nowhere, and conversely should be seeking the best places to get the most value for the money you’ve invested.

Fortunately, Expat Go has compiled an excellent list of investment hotspots in Malaysia, which include the following beautiful areas:

  • Melaka: A beautiful, historically-rich town in which residents are proud of their Malaysian culture. Because of this, the town has adopted the motto “Visiting Melaka Means Visiting Malaysia”, which attracts a lot of attention from foreign tourists and those wishing to envelope themselves in the unique and exciting Malaysian culture.
  • Penang: The recent revealing of plans to develop the NCER, or Northern Corridor Economic Region, is great news for residents in Penang, as well as any investors keen to purchase property in this area. Analysts suggest that property values are set to rise with the NCER structural growth extension as well, making Penang an ideal location for investment and development.
  • Kuala Lumpur: Possibly the most renowned region, Kuala Lumpur is the financial epicentre of Malaysia and is home to a thriving city, surrounded by a ring of satellite cities. If you can afford to invest in this area, you can expect great returns since property is always highly sought after and constantly appreciating in value.
  • Selangor: Being the richest state in Malaysia, in terms of GDP, Selangor is a prime location for investment due to the constant development happening in and around the area. Originally declared as the first developed state in Malaysia in 2005, Selangor has grown and developed further since then, and is now home to many of the richest individuals in the country. Additionally, a high GDP generally means higher general costs of living, which translates to higher rental rates and greater returns on your investments.
  • Perak: This area, while previously being relatively underdeveloped, has attracted a lot of attention from foreign investors, as there is a lot of space and lush landscapes. This, in turn, has sparked several high-end developments in and around the area, which will certainly raise local property values and make it a relatively popular tourism destination as well.
  • Langkawi: This cluster of 99 beautiful islands has been a vastly popular tourist destination for many years now. However, one the odd occasion some of the land, which is usually Malay Reserve Land, is opened up to the public, and investors are often quick to grab the deal before others do. Property in Langkawi, because of its breath-taking ocean landscapes and surreal beauty, are extremely valuable for investors.

Whether you are looking to invest in property that will net you great returns on investment, or are seeking a holiday home that offers exotic and exciting experiences, consider purchasing a bungalow in Malaysia. With 2017 being a buyer’s market and exciting developments like NCER set to boost the surrounding property values, there may not be a better time to get your hands on a luxurious Malaysian bungalow.

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