ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee | Enjoy products for only RM2.10


The much-loved ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee. Fondly known as the “RM2.10 shop in my neighbourhood”, the homegrown brand has opened a store on the e-commerce platform where over 700 products are priced at RM2.10! 

Malaysians can shop for their favourite items and household necessities from toiletries, gardening tools, jewellery, home decor, kids and baby care, kitchen and dining, pet supplies, stationery sets, travel accessories and more. What’s more, we hear that ECO Shop will continue to add more products on a weekly basis. 

ECO Shop is now exclusively on Shopee | Enjoy products for only RM2.10

Home Improvement

Kitchen and Dining

Sports and Games 

ECO Shop was established in June 2003 and today has over 138 outlets all around Malaysia. Expanding its presence to the online world allows its customers to shop safely from home without having to head out unnecessarily. The move to go online has also garnered encouraging results, just by looking at the listings, which goes to show that ECO Shop has grown into a lovable brand among Malaysians. 

Dato Sri’ Lee Kar Whatt, Founder of ECO Shop said “ECO Shop is committed to providing customers with affordable and quality products. By expanding our business to Shopee, we can now ensure that more Malaysians are able to enjoy what we have to offer even if there is no ECO Shop outlet near their home. By launching our shop on Shopee, we will also provide ECO Shop’s loyal customers with greater convenience.” 

Lee added, “In conjunction with our store launch, we will be having a Spend & Win Contest on 24 July 2020 where all customers stand to be one of 20 winners to win up to RM1000 worth of ECO Shop vouchers. There will also be in-store promotions that customers can enjoy for greater savings.” 

To find out more on what ECO Shopee Malaysia has to offer on Shopee, head over to their store now at or search “Eco Shop Malaysia” on the Shopee App. Don’t forget to mark your calendars so you don’t miss out on a chance to win ECO Shop vouchers! 

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  1. Adoi bahaya ni...hahaha sedsr duit kurang.

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  6. Lagi galak lah shopping kat ecokalau macam ni.

  7. wahh best gilak.. leh beli online jerk..

  8. Bagus ni tak payah beratur panjang dah


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