How to find the best coworking space in KL

Business startups require a lot of capital and proper budgeting to ensure that everything needed is acquired for operations to start. Most people look for ways to cut down their startup costs. One of the things that can help you reduce your startup cost is finding a coworking space. A coworking space helps different businesses operating in different niches to share the costs involved. It also assists in improving productivity, creativity and motivation among the employees. This all happens if you find the best coworking space. Below are tips to help you find the best coworking space in KL for your business:

1. Consider the location

This is probably the first thing to consider when finding a coworking space. Look for a space that's accessible and doesn't inconvenience your customers, employees or business partners. If you find a coworking space that's far from your clients, you might end up losing some sales to your business competitors. Employees are key assets in any business. Therefore, if you want to improve their productivity and motivate them, finding a great coworking space can be the greatest thing that you can do. Getting an inaccessible coworking space can adversely impact your business.

Rows of modern chairs lined up, a long wooden table, a place for charging gadgets and meetings Rows of modern chairs lined up, a long wooden table, a place for charging gadgets and meetings coworking space stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

2. Work environment

Look for a coworking space in the right environment to minimize distractions. If your business requires a lot of concentration, it would be best to find a coworking space where there are minimal distractions. Additionally, you also need to check the safety and health aspects of the space. Getting an untidy coworking space will reduce your employees’ productivity, and there'll be increased cases of absenteeism.

3. Budget

Your budget will largely influence the kind of coworking space you get. If you're starting your business, you might not need a budget for a coworking space. The rule of thumb is that you need to find a space that'll meet your daily needs. Going for a larger space than you need means that you'll have to use extra funds which can be saved and used for other vital business functions. Rent a coworking space in KL that won't be a burden to you.

Asians working in busy coworking space Asians working in busy coworking space.

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4. Amenities available

Before you go out to look for a coworking space in KL, ensure you understand the kind of amenities you need for your business to operate normally without any time wastage or delays. For instance, depending on your nature of business, you can find a coworking space with strong network connections, dedicated desks, printers and meeting rooms. If you get a coworking space without these amenities, you'll have to incur additional costs to access them.

5. Security

Since you'll be sharing the space with other businesses, it's essential to ensure that your business is always safe. Therefore, consider if the coworking space has all security features, including well-made and quality lockers and cabinets where you'll be storing your business items. The coworking space should also have secured networks to limit cyber-attacks.

These are some tips to help you get the right coworking space in KL. Before you settle on any space, ensure you compare different spaces to make a sound decision.

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